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bitchyness awaits!

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a place for good writers to bitch about bad ones they encounter on live journal, the net, or published writers that they hate! or for good writers to get an open and honest apprisal of their work without it being sugar coated. honest, but not pointlessly nasty!

as a writer myself i get tired of reading stories from people who can't and don't proof read, who need help coming up with titles for their finished novels, for people who deliberatly spell things badly, who write really bad stories with no coherant or consistancy, or no idea about tense or whihch there, their, they're to use and when!!

i also get sick of reading comments to those posts where people tell them how great said rubbish is! so snooty writers is for people who know that they have talent and either want to bitch about those who don't, or who want open and honest critiques from people and wont take offense at it when it happens.

or work from published writers that is just rubbish, sexist, endless and so on!

i won't allow nastyness for no reason, no, this sucks, this is awful, unles you can say WHY it sucks or it is awful.

No direct linkage to other communitys, but you can quote as long as you do't use their live journal name.

NO flamming someone for having a difference of opinion or for not spell checking their journal entry. journal entries can be badly spelt, i would prefer stories posted to have been at least spell checked once.

NO fan fiction!

some very useful websites for publishing your work!
both offer a long list of magazines/ezines/and small print publishers that take horror/sci/fantasy, so worth checking out.