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i am snooty about peole who don't get my story. i didn't think my story was that hard to get.

first story

succubus falls in love, does she defy nature and leave boy alone, or does she eat him?

magazine guy: make it so you don't know she is a succubus, makes the end more shocking

not about shocking! its about nature verses love

second. gay teens, fall in love, one is religious, religion pushes him too far, he kills lover and himself

competition: needs more firey ending

not about firey ending! he loves his boyfriend, kills him because he can't stand to be with him, or without him! nothing to do with passion, to do with love! (i write tragic love tales by the looks of it!) so no, firey ending would be all wrong! (they also wanted more sex!)

so there. i HATE not being got. i wrote it. i know it. they are my characters, my babies, if you don't get what i am trying to say, ok, but don't tell me how much you don't get it by suggesting i write it in a way that is totally stoopid!

at least i got succubus printed elsewhere, and can add a few bits to the comp story and try another comp.

but grrr.